Suggested readings for Leadership Development

- Building Leaders, by Jay Alden Conger

- Communicating in Small Groups: Principles and Practices, by Matterson, Jogn T. and Steven A. Beebe

- Cross-Cultural Approaches to Leadership, by C. Brooklyn Derr

Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, by D. Goleman

- Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, by Scott J. Allen

- Encouraging the Hearth, by Kouzes and Posner

- Leadership Can Be Taught, by Sharon Daloz Parks

- Leadership for the Twenty-First Century, by Joseph C. Rost

- Leadership in Organizations, by Gary Yukl

- Leading Change, by Jogn P. Kotter

- Learning to Lead, by Jay Alden Conger

- On Becoming a Leader, by Warren Bennis

- Servant Leadership, by Robert Greenleaf

- Tao of Leadership, by John Hieider

- The Allure of Toxic Leaders, by Jean Lipman-Blumen

- The Art of Facilitation: How to Create Group Synergy, by Hunter Dale

- The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Coaching, by Sharon Ting

- The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, by Patrick Lencioni

- The High Impact Leader, by Bruce J. Avolio

- The Leader Within, by Drea Zigarmi

- Transformational Leadership, by Bernard M. Bass

- True North, by Bill George

What got you here won't get you there: How successful people become even more successful, by M. Goldsmith and M. Reiter

Additional Sources:

- Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership -

- National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs -

- Strengths Quest (Clifton StrengthsFinder Test) by Clifton, Anderson and Schreiner -

- Success personified in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Four leadership personas for an era of change and uncertainty -