Student Mentee

Student Mentee

A Mentee is a current student of Polimi Lecco who corresponds with a professional engineer or architect who graduated from our Campus. The Mentee must be enrolled in a Master’s Program or in the Magistrale.

After choosing a Mentor from a pool of participants, a Mentee can: 

  • Receive academic advice;
  • Gain particular cultural insights;
  • Improve his/her social skills for future networking;
  • Learn leadership and professional skills;
  • Improve oral and written communication skills;
  • Prepare for future work-related situations, such as interviews or presentations; 

Notice to Mentees

Although you may develop a close correspondence with your mentor, remember that a mentor is not supposed to be your personal “head-hunter”. 

Their responsibility is not to find you a job. 

Their role is one of an experienced fellow engineer who can ease your way into your chosen career path with precious advice and suggestions.